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Voice Actors

2012-10-19 08:43:11 by minilinkki

Is there any interested voice actors around? I would like to have a few of you guys for my AMENO series.
Just hit me with a rock or add me in skype "minilinkki" and we'll see the future.


Fans... I HAVE FANS?!

2012-09-14 10:45:20 by minilinkki

So yeah, a long time since I did the backlin (come back to log in) here.

I just checked something and it says i have 8 FANS! Oh my gowd, you 8 are amazing!
Anyway, i've been kinda out of a voice actor, but I got someone so lets see will i rise again! (Eepi battle 3 maybe?)

Shall I ask you guys, what you want to see for the most? All of my youtube subscribers almost over half wants pokemon stuff.
The rest wants just... No i don't know what they want.

But anyway, i broke my mouse today (well my DARN LITTLE BROTHER BROKE IT! He wanted to kill endermen so hard), but i guess I've fixed it for a moment. I'll try save money for tablet... thingy, to draw stuff. So if i get it, i promise that i'll make more and longer AND FUNNIER animations! Yeah. Keep lying Minilinkki, thats how you feed yourr FANS!

Well... I guess thats it. Hear you guys soon !

Soon means... 8 months i guess?


2012-07-21 13:46:26 by minilinkki

Haven't been for a long time. Right now i don't have any kind of idea for next flash, but i am still trying.
In mean time, i am making game and taping some videos.


Front page

2011-06-06 12:19:23 by minilinkki

What did just happen :D
Seriously, guys, what?


2010-11-07 13:26:29 by minilinkki

Give me a idea what to do.. I really REALLY wanna do a flash animation..
Guys wake up, give me a idea now!

please :)

Hiya all

2010-04-01 05:25:18 by minilinkki

how it's goin? =)

Any ideas for flash animation?

2009-10-03 16:32:25 by minilinkki

For first, i'm very very bad making backgrounds look good, so i would mostly make just white background.
Anyway, what i do? "Brawl taunts" like animation?
Collab like animation?
Taking ideas, remembe white background!

Any ideas for flash animation?


2007-11-02 10:28:27 by minilinkki